Giugni SA is specialised in transforming metals into finished constructions for the building industry and other areas of the economy.
The factory covers a total operative area of 4000 m2, and includes the technical office, administration, departments for the different processes, warehouse for materials, canteen and services for personnel.
Giugni SA employees around forty people: technicians, factory personnel and assembly technicians who provide on-site service.

We have come a long way since 1925. Our company, which became Giugni SA in 1975, has continued to grow over time, expanding and refurbishing its factories whenever needed. Today, this company is led by Silvano Giugni and Angelo Margiasso. We are firmly positioned in the Ticino market of metallic constructions, but we will not stop here: our objective is to use our vast experience to combine the many needs of modern industry with artisan tradition. This mission is fulfilled through the quality of the materials we use, and the quality of our services.

We design, manufacture, transport and assemble metal constructions. Let us know what you want – we will offer you solutions. Our repair and maintenance service ensures that your investment is protected for years to come. We work constantly to provide you with the most modern products and our traditional experience.

Silvano Giugni, chairman
Angelo Margiasso

Angelo Margiasso, technical director
Silvano Giugni, director of administration

Alessandro Di Blasi
Stefano Piepoli, attorney
Ivan Tonelli
Marcello Voiglio

Silvana Lazarova
Natascha Bertolutti

Andrea Chiappini, safety officer

Valerio Urcinolo

Silvano Coriani

In 1925, a 30-year-old metal worker named Luigi Giugni decided to open his own business. He opened a workshop centred round a massive forge and soon he was producing windows and other items in wrought iron. The traditional iron working continued until after WWII and the company, which had been passed down to his children, was now called Carlo Giugni e Fratelli and exported its work as far away as the United States of America.

In the 1940s, they began producing windows with aluminium profiles designed in house. Since then, the Giugni lines have been constantly updated and they currently comply with the most advanced requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The company, which became Giugni SA in 1975, has continued to grow, expanding and refurbishing its factories repeatedly throughout its history. Today, the company is led by Silvano Giugni and Angelo Margiasso, and it is a solid business in the Ticino economy.

Giugni SA’s employees from 1925 to the present day