Manual or Automated Windows

Durable and easy to clean, our windows do not require external maintenance and can be integrated with insulated double or triple glazing and anti-theft alarm systems. The insulation against heat loss and noise is excellent. The wide range of colours allows us to satisfy every type of taste and accommodate all environments, while our “custom standard” construction allows us to replace your old windows quickly and precisely.


Bring light back into the places where you spend your life: in the office or at home, if you are thinking of installing a skylight, we have the right solution for you. Rediscover the beauty of natural lighting along with high quality materials. Since 1925, we have made sure that only the best materials have gone into our products. Find out which shape and dimensions are best for the room you have in mind and work with us to design the best solution for adding more light to your world.

Shop Windows

Would you like your shop to be seen in a different light? Then ask us to make your shop windows. Our products can be integrated with anti-theft alarm systems, and they are custom made for you, in the type and dimensions that you desire. You can choose from fixed and motorised solutions, either visible or hidden, but you will always receive top quality products.


Metal Shutters

Protect your windows with the right type of armour: our metal shutters are the perfect solution for shielding the windows of your home or office with a quality product able to satisfy any need. Contact us and find out which solution is best for you!





First impressions count! Therefore, it is important that the front door of your home or workplace looks the way you want it to. We have the solution that you need, with either manual or automated opening systems. Find out about all our proposals for doors for all uses - hinged, folding, sliding or fire doors (E30, EI30, T-30 and R-30) - all of which can be integrated with anti-theft alarm systems.


If you are looking for the perfect gate for your building, we have got it! Discover the vast range of materials available: iron for modern and ancient buildings, anodised aluminium alloy, stainless steel or stove-enamelled steel. We offer a wide selection of processes and colours. Push to open, sliding, manual or automated: our gates stand the test of time and can be integrated with anti-theft alarm systems.

Sectional Overhead Doors

We do not compromise on safety and quality: you can count on us to protect your shop with a sectional overhead door. You can choose from different options. All kinds of doors in different sizes can be adapted to fit the window of your shop, each one with very high quality standards.






If you are looking for a solution that will take you up to the next level, our staircases are the right choice. We design all types of traditional or winding staircases in all sorts of dimensions. Our experience and carefully selected high quality materials ensure that we are able to make products that are always a step ahead of the rest!

Emergency staircases

Safety first!

Our services include designing and building emergency staircases. High quality materials allow us to guarantee that we can make custom solutions for you. Contact us: you can trust our experience!


As window and door specialists, we know very well that a balcony, staircase or platform needs a parapet that is just as important as the structure it protects: This is why we prefer steel, stainless steel and aluminium to guarantee products that perfectly match your desires with the needs of the environmental requiring the railing.




Metal Cladding

A facade in metal cladding must be lightweight, robust, easy to maintain, weather-resistant and long lasting. It must also be an energy-saving feature while fulfilling the architect’s design choices. Thanks to our lengthy experience in the construction of continuous metal façades, we are certain that we can provide you with a high quality “tailored outfit” for your building.

Glass Facades

No matter what type of business you are in: if you need a glass façade for an office building, shopping centre or other type of building, we have the right solution for you! Our broad experience in the sector, along with our traditional connection with the territory, allow us to find the best covering for your structure. We are sure that we know how to satisfy your personal taste and fulfil every practical need.

Solar Shading

Even if you do love to be in the sun, the glare might disturb your work. This is why our solar shading solutions are the best choice for extremely luminous rooms: fixed or mobile, with manual or automated movement, our products will be able to guarantee you the right amount of light in the room without compromising the aesthetics of the building. On the contrary, your façade will be dazzling.





Bus Stop Enclosures

The quality of our products and our experience make it possible for us to build structures that are perfectly suited to the city landscape. This is why our bus stop enclosures are so beautiful and functional.

Shelters in Glass and Steel

If the journey is as important as the destination, even waiting for a bus is important. Therefore, we select the best materials and then carefully design bus shelters of all types destined for cities and towns. Now, we are sure that waiting will always be pleasant!

Parking Canopies

Why not protect your car from rain and hail? Discover our parking canopies: tailored solutions that can meet any need. It is like putting a crash helmet on your car!




Winter Gardens

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your garden all year around? Never fear, we have the right solution for you. Our winter gardens are custom designed and built for you to enjoy the greenery and the pleasant atmosphere in your garden during the colder season!

Indoor Partitions for Offices and Warehouses

Even though group work is always stimulating, maintaining your personal space at work is very important. This is why we choose high quality materials to divide your professional environment and create not only new workspaces, but also new environments to help reorder and distribute goods in your warehouse.

Special Structures

Our experience and presence throughout the territory allow us to design and build special structures for specific environments, such as the control tower at the Magadino Airport.