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We are Sky-Frame service and distribution partners.

With full-height window surfaces, organic curved glass fronts or inclined glass sections, Sky-Frame makes it possible to create personalised living spaces and extraordinary architecture. Loyal to the “liquid space” concept of the Bauhaus, these sliding windows open the living space onto the outdoors seamlessly and without interruptions. Indoor and outdoor spaces blend into a single space. Thanks to the timeless design of these frameless windows, the view of the outside becomes a lovely decorative element. Sky-Frame technology is “100% Swiss Made”, which means impeccable engineering precision as well as a permanent vocation to building the best window possible.

Sky-Frame products for large surfaces, without visible load-bearing elements, are highly innovative. The absence of protruding frames provides an unhindered view of the surrounding landscape. The lightness and elegance of these windows will allow you to enjoy the view from anywhere in your home without any visual obstacles.

With Sky-Frame, floors can run from the indoors towards the balcony or the garden, enhancing the aesthetics without compromising function: even though the profiles are very thin, they actually offer excellent insulation against heat loss and noise.